MoFo Classic 30 Head

The acclaimed Hayden MoFo 30 all-tube head in a traditional, wooden sleeve.


The MoFo by Hayden is an all-valve guitar amp with a whole lot of attitude. But unlike other mini guitar amp heads, the MoFo is definitely not a one trick pony. From stunning bell like clean tones with real depth to plexi-esque classic rock crunch, right up to full on metal mayhem, the 30 watt MoFo head does it all.

With four cascaded gain stages and a footswitchable MoFo mode for even more gain, the MoFo is packed with tone. And the versatility doesn’t stop with the sounds.

With both 8 and 16 Ohm speaker outputs, the MoFo can drive a wide range of cabinets from a boutique 1x12 in the studio right up to a 4x12 on the concert stage.

Separate UK and US-voiced instrument inputs shape the signal for classic British or thinner, higher-gain US tones respectively, and a simple series FX loop allows you connect your favourite stomp boxes.

And when you’re rehearsing, you’ll love the Stealth switch underneath the amp which lets your MoFo scream, without the neighbours screaming at you.


  • MoFo 30 head in classic wooden sleeve
  • 30 Watt all tube head
  • 4 x EL84 power section tubes
  • Single channel with footswitchable MoFo Boost
  • Stealth switch for reduced overall volume
  • 4 cascaded gain stages
  • 8/16 Ω speaker outputs
  • Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence controls
  • Separate US and UK-voiced guitar inputs
  • Series effects loop